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Advanced Therapeutics

We offer product design and development to our clients to build portfolio in Cell and Gene therapy.

Biosimilar Development

Mammalian and Microbial biosimilar product development services using platform technology for high titer and recovery. Services includes design to Market approval.

Clone Development

Qualified team of professional provides a wide range of cloning services for bacterial and mammalian nature with complete regulatory compliant data packages.

Analytical Services

Developing analytical methods based on orthogonal approach for Novel and Biosimilar product with a precise data package and effective onsite training and method transfer.

Advanced Therapeutic Services

We have the expertise and commitment to build current and future technologies for personalized therapy using multi-disciplinary platforms of stem cells

Biobanking and Cancer organoids

1. Patient initial tumor, can be used for robust drug screening or identification of biomarkers specific for the patient at a very affordable costs compared to use of animals and other in vivo studies

2. Multiple cancer type banking New biomarker identification Establishment of Cancer Cell lines and stable transfections

3. Drug selection for personalized medication

CAR-T Therapy

1. Novel small peptide expressing CAR-T cells for effective targeting

2. Autologous and Allogenic

3. Exclusively specific for solid tumours

4. Customized Adenoviral vector promoter Viral Gene Carriers

5. Novel cancer target binding small peptide expressing A/AV for CAR-T cell therapy

6. Specific clones of AV, viral titres, clone selection and gene expression studies

Biosimilar Product development

At present scenario the biosimilar product development required quick approach and cost effectiveness for broader reachability for patient to maintain the position in the biosimilar market. At Theertha we employ risk-based approach for product development

Process development

Clone Evaluation
Yield enhancement
DOE – screening process parameters, identification of process range.
Material Generation for Toxicity studies and product characterization.
Complete lifecycle development for biosimilars.


1. Formulation process design and drug delivery devices identification and evaluation

2.Different process parameter identification and evaluation (including hold time, filterability etc.)

3.Establishment of In-process parameter and method of analysis and further qualification

4. Identification & justification of critical process parameters

5. Material Generation for Toxicity studies and stability studies

6. Product characterization

Technology Transfer

1. Risk based process and product evaluation

2. Scale up data, Analytical, Stability data packages, Process validation support and characterization data

3. Complete product and process technology transfer data package and on-site training support for smooth transfer of process.

Clone Development Services

Theertha provides a compendious microbial and mammalian cell line development for monoclonal antibodies and recombinant therapeutic protein molecules. We thrive to meet the client requirement along with the regulatory requirements for high yield, high expression and stable clone. Our cell line development services provide a single source for all the R&D and manufacturing needs for mammalian and microbial based product ….……

Microbial Clone Development

Mammalian Clone development

Novel Product Development

Analytical Services

The analytical capabilities of Theertha extended to develop, qualify and validate analytical method for evaluation of novel and biosimilar molecules effectively and further hand hold transfer to the client based on the requirement.


Method Development, Qualification and validation of lot release assays for Biologics

1. Identification methods
2. Quantification methods
3. Purity estimation methods
4. Safety estimation methods
5. Efficacy/Potency estimation methods


1. Cytotoxicity assays with live imaging
2. FRET based assays
3. Fluorescence based imaging
4. Flow cytometry assays (Binding and functional assays)

Binding Kenetics

1. Estimation of molecule binding kinetics
2. High/Low-affinity lead identification
3. Binding potency assays

Cell based Assays

1. Cytotoxicity assays (CDC, ADCC, ADCP)
2. Cytostatic assays
3. Cell proliferation assays
4. Molecule induced cytokine release assays
5. Cell-based binding ELISA and flow cytometry assays

In Cell Assays

1.Single cell western blot
2. Molecule pathway identification
3. Proteomics analysis in a single cell

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